Established August 8th, 1995




Pretty Paws

Q Why do I get the answering machine during business hours?

A We are assisting in store customers or attending to one of the many daily tasks at hand.

        Each pet has a specific groomer and or bather. When a call comes in, it takes time to

        pull the customers card. Then we have to determine what days our people have room

        on their schedule to accommodate this task. In addition we need to know how large the pet

        is to be sure we have adequate room for him. This extra time is needed for us to schedule

        your pet for the best service we can provide. We need Your Name, Pets Name, Telephone

        Number and the Day you would like to have the appointment.

Q  Do you use tranquilizers on the pets?                                                     

A  No, only a vet can prescribe tranquilizers.

Q  How long does it take?

A  3-5 Hours depending on the type of dog , may be longer on weekends and holidays.

Q  Can he stay there all day?

Yes, you can drop off at 7:30 am thru 12:00 pm and pick up as late as 6:00 pm

Q  Can I stay and watch my dog getting groomed?

Due to the time it takes, and how your dog may act seeing you there, we can not  

         allow it. But, you may watch other pets being groomed.

Q  Why does my dog seem tired when he goes home.

A  In your dogs life, the grooming day is a very active and exciting day.

Q Will my dog get overheated while being dried.                                                                 

A No, our cages are open wire cages, so plenty of ventilation gets to your pet.

Q  Do I need to bring my dog in on a leash.

A  Yes, all dogs should be on a leash for their safety.

Q  Do you do boarding ?

A No, we are not zoned for boarding, nor do we have enough space.

Q  Do the pets need their shots?

A.  Yes, they should be current on all vaccinations and bordetella,

        (kennel cough) is strongly recommended.

Q  Do you use muzzles and if so, why?

A  Yes, if needed.  We have to do things with your pet that he normally does

         not have done by the owners (such as plucking ears, cutting nails and brushing)

          This protects our employees from being bitten.

Q  What are razor burns and brush burns?

A.  They are not burns from heat, but from irritation from the clippers or brushes.

Q After my dogs nails are cut, why are they still long?

A Because the quick of the nail has grown long and contains blood.

          Cutting them too short will cause them to bleed.

          Dogs with extended quicks should have them cut at the vet while under anesthetic

          for any other minor surgeries, such as teeth cleaning. 

Q  How does my dog get matted?

A  There are many reasons  for a dog to get matted.  Getting wet and not being

         brushed out can cause tangles to form.

        Chewing on themselves and not having a regular brushing and combing schedule

        is also another reason for matting.

Q  Does it hurt my dog to shave him?  Will the hair grow back?

A  No, it does not hurt the dog to shave it as long as he has some shade for 

         protection in the hot summer time. Yes, the hair will grow back.

Q Why does my dog chew or lick spots after he is groomed.

A.  Grooming can sometime irritate sensitive skin, applying an antibiotic cream

         to the irritation, will usually help.

Q  Do you feed and water the dogs while they are in the cages?

A.  No, we do not want to promote urination and defecation while confined to their cage.

         Many pets are on special foods and we do not want to to interfere with their diet or 

         feeding schedule.

Q Should I feed my dog before I bring him in?

A.  Not necessarily.  If his feeding schedule falls during his grooming appointment,

         only feed a small amount before he comes in. 

Q Can we bring in special shampoos or shampoos prescribed from the vet?

A.  Yes, most definitely

Q  How do you know what haircut my dog gets the next time he comes in?

A.  We keep a record of who groomed your pet and what kind of cut he received on his

          last visit. So, we can cut him the same next time. you can make changes at any time.

Q What are anal glands and do you express them?

A.  Anal glands are sacs located on either side of the anus designed to express as a 

        defense mechanism to prevent predators attacking from behind. most often they are 

        expressed on their own during defecation. Sometime for whatever reason, they cannot

        express on their own, we will express their glands during their bath. Impacted anal 

        glands must be treated by a vet. We will let you know if we see any problems.

Q  Do you brush the dogs teeth?

A Yes.  Brushing your dogs teeth should be done daily or as often as possible.  

          Your pets teeth should be cleaned by the vet as recommended.